Nagarjun Hill Hiking

1 Day


Nagarjun slope is probably the nearest slope to Kathmandu, just requiring a brief drive from Thamel. Nagarjun was named after a well known Blessed man (Mahasiddhas) called Nagarjun who used to remain here and do extended periods of time of contemplation. We can in any case see the Nagarjun Reflection buckle and investigate the environmental factors. There is an old little Buddhist Stupa on the highest point of the slope.

From the Highest point of Nagarjun you can see 360 degree perspectives on Kathmandu valley and its encompassing mountains. Consistently, individuals commend celebrations at the stupa on Buddha’s introduction to the world day. The climbing at Nagarjun goes on for 3-4 hours is simple and grand.


Day 1 :

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Nagarjun Hill Hiking
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