Nepal World Heritage Sites Tour

13 Days


Nepal is home to the absolute most entrancing societies and religions that have formed the philosophical
viewpoint of the cultivated world throughout the previous thousand years. Nepal isn’t just a heaven for
swashbucklers but at the same time is brimming with picturesque and otherworldly places. We have invested
our best exertion to fuse all social joys just as the regular excellence that Nepal has to bring to the table, which
you can pick contingent upon your time accessibility. Remembered for our projects are touring of Kathmandu
which is set in a wide valley ringed by forested slopes and snow-covered pinnacles; it’s anything but an
intriguing city and an optimal base for travelers and adventurers.

Along with the customary focuses of Lalitpur (Patan) and Bhaktapur (Bhadgaon), the 3 urban areas of the
Kathmandu valley structure the recorded and social heart of Nepal. Pokhara, with its lakes, Himalayan
perspectives, and smooth environment, is quite possibly the most superb spots in the country. It is found 200
km away from Kathmandu and is the second-biggest city in Nepal. Chitwan Public park, arranged in the
tropical Terai district, near the lines with India, gives an interesting and extraordinary natural life experience
being home to a few uncommon animal categories, specifically, the one-horned rhino and Imperial Bengal

You can join a visit to Chitwan Public park with whitewater boating in the Trishuli Stream to add an exciting
encounter to your get-away in Nepal. A journey to the sacrosanct nursery at Lumbini, the origination of
Buddha would make a fabulous expansion to the Nepal experience. High Himalayan Traveling and
Undertaking will plan an agenda and program for Nepal World Legacy Destinations Visit as indicated by
singular customers’ inclinations consistently.

Important Information:

  • Best Season:  Anytime
  • Geography:  Countryside, Forests, Mid Hills, Rivers, Towns, Cultural City, Unique Culture, Villages, Valleys
  • Min. Altitude:  360m
  • Max. Altitude:  1,740m
  • Program Type:  Guided Cultural Tour
  • Destination:   Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, Chituwan National Park, Lumbini, Pokhara, World Heritage Sites


Exercises like elephant safari, wilderness walk, bird watching and some more..

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Nepal World Heritage Sites Tour
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