Upper Mustang Trek

14 Days



The Upper Mustang Trek takes you on an amazing journey into the secret universe of the old Buddhist realm of Mustang. Because of its unavailability, Mustang has, for some time, been shielded from the mass travelers and is one of the rare strongholds of conventional Tibetan culture. This trek opened to foreign adventurers just around fifteen years prior and today the region is still notably confined.

Traversing the Upper Mustang is perhaps the most entrancing experience in the Himalayas because of its long, rich and complex history. The trek is the ideal mix of culture and adventure. Be ready to leave behind the comforts of the world, walk into the wild and submerge yourself in the enchantment of Mustang. The marvelously tanned red precipices, the perpetual assortment of dim moving slopes of Mustang, enigmatic towns, and the benevolence of individuals of Mustang will be engraved in your memory long after your endeavor.

This trek will prove to be an exceptional adventure. You will be astounded by the ways of life of genuine mountain individuals, who, for many years, had next to no contact with the remainder of Nepal and figured out how to hold their well-off social legacy. It will give you a similar experience of traveling to Tibet, as topographically it is a piece of the Tibetan level. The locale of Mustang was, till 1950, a different realm inside the limits of Nepal. The Raja of Mustang still lives in the chronicled capital perceived as Lo Manthang.

What Is The Best Season for Trekking in the Upper Mustang ?

On the off chance that you are searching for the ideal alternative for traveling in Nepal throughout the late spring months, the Upper Mustang will naturally come on your radar. Because of the Upper Mustang being in the downpour shadow of the Annapurna, you can encounter perfectly clear days and dry climate this season. The late spring months are additionally moderately calm. The best teahouses will be yours. The most popular seasons are spring and autumn.

In May the Tiji Festival is held. Numerous travelers like to experience this customary celebration. The three-day celebration happens in the vicinity of the previous lord of Mustang’s castle. Local people from all over visit Lo Manthang (Upper Mustang) to take a part in the celebration. You can also travel Upper Mustang in winter, however you should ensure to bring the correct equipment and gears.


Promptly in the first part of the day, we will make a trip to the wonderful valley of Pokhara through the Prithvi Highway. You will get to enjoy the vista of the Western Himalayas during this grand 6 to 7 hour-long transport ride. Upon arrival, you will have the chance to explore Pokhara, the lovely city by the lake. You can go boating in the terrific Phewa Lake, enjoy the cute little eateries along the lakeside and enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of the city

We will get a plane from Pokhara to Jomsom, one of the principal towns in Mustang. The 20 minutes North-West flight from Pokhara will take us towards an incredible entry between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. The wondrous panorama of the majestic mountains during the flight is sure to take your breath away.

From Jomsom, we will travel uphill for 3 hours following the Kali Gandaki River before we arrive at Kagbeni, the doorway to Upper Mustang. The town is situated at the bank of two waterways. We will spend the night here in a guesthouse.

We will proceed with our excursion towards the east bank of the Kali Gandaki moving through various edges and afterward head north for the Tangbe town. This beautiful town is a maze of thin rare entryways amid white-washed mud and stone houses, buckwheat fields, and apple trees. The grand Nilgiri overwhelms the southern sky of Kagbeni. From that point, we will climb to Chhusang town for 2 hours before we cross the diminishing Kali Gandaki. We will scale to a gigantic red mass of sedimentary stone that had tumbled from the precipice above, framing a passage through which Kali Gandaki streams. Intersecting the Kali Gandaki Valley, we will climb uphill to Chele. The settlement depicts sluggish progress in culture, from Manangi culture to Tibetan. We will rest for the night here in a guesthouse.

Our journey today takes us through the lofty infertile land, close by the copper-red ravine. We will make a progressive drop to some Chortens on an edge, and after trekking downhill for some additional time, we will arrive at the wonderful town of Samar. From that point, we will climb an edge and slip into a monster gorge. We will continue to travel across another valley, cross a stream, and ascend mountainous terrain that lies at 3,800m. We will climb one more pass, go through another edge before we, at last, reach Syangbochen.

From Syangbochen, we will carefully climb uphill until we arrive at a pass at 3770m and journey downhill to arrive at the town of Gheling. From Gheling, we will go uphill going through fields to the focal point of the valley. From here, we will climb an intense landscape across the top of the valley to the Nyi La pass (3840m). Moving forward, we will plunge for 30 minutes until we arrive at a path intersection, the right path is a course to Charang while the left one prompts Ghami. We head towards Ghami, a town of grouped whitewashed mud and stone houses canopied by an overhanging cliff. This is an extraordinary spot to spend the night to enjoy the local culture and cuisine.

We will journey to the driest piece of Mustang today. It will be a tiring trip crossing a genuinely challenging landscape. However, accomplishing the endeavor, we will be rewarded by staggering panoramas of the far-off open country and mountains every which way. After arriving at Charang, a huge town at the highest point of the Charang Chu Canyon, we will finally be able to get the much-needed rest. The town offers you a chance to explore an archaic pillar and red Gompas which house an unbelievable assortment of sculptures and thankas.

Today our journey will take us to one of the significant attractions on this excursion: Lo Manthang. This was the walled capital of the Kingdom of Lo. The city was established in 1380 by Ame Pal. It comprises around 150 families and homes for lama masters. We will travel across Lo-Gekar, which is one of the most renowned Gompas in Nepal. On arriving in the city of Lo, you will have the chance to visit the antiquated sanctuaries and monasteries of the area and the periphery of the King’s amazing castle, where the King and Queen of Lo-Manthang dwell. You will get the opportunity to ride ponies on rent and see the delightful valley.

Today we will explore the magical town of Lo-Manthang, beginning with a 2-hour visit to the Namgyal Gompa. This excellent Gompa is located on a peak and is of high importance as it fills in as a nearby town hall. Moving forward, we will visit the town of Tingkhar, northwest of Lomanthang, which consists of around 40 families. Furthermore, we will visit Champa Lhakang where you get an opportunity to pay your respect to a huge Buddha sculpture and wonderful Mandalas painted on the dividers. It will be a day to savor.

We will leave Lo-Manthang taking the upper high country trail. Throughout the trail, we will be rewarded with impressive panoramas of Lo-Manthang, the Charang Valley, and majestic snow-covered mountains in the background. Moving forward, we will cross the Dhi Pass at 4,100m and arrive at Dhamkar. We will spend the night here.

Today our trail takes us to Syangbochen. With Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri among different other snow-capped peaks standing tall in the background, we climb down to Syangbochen. Along the way, we pass Rachen Gompa, a magical Gompa that is believed to have developed on its own at the lap of a rough cavern. We will spend the night in a guesthouse in Syangbochen.

We will proceed with our trip over steep edges and precarious slopes constantly being rewarded with awe-inspiring views of the valley and the mountains beyond. We descend the trail through a landscape of charming villages and picturesque scenery, the entire area radiating its Tibetan influences and culture. We will journey to Tetang, the upper town of Chhusang which lies between two slopes that protect the settlement from the furious breeze that hits the Kali Gandaki valley now and again. We spend the night here.

On this day of our paramount journey, our trail will take us through Jharkot town where we visit the neighborhood religious community, the terrific Tibetan Herbal Medicine Center, and see an antiquated fort that used to be a royal residence. Moving forward to Jomsom, we will enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Kali Gandaki Valley and Kagbeni Village. This is the doorway to Mustang. We will celebrate our memorable journey enjoying the local culture and cuisine in Jomsom and spend our night here.

Today we start our day with a 20-minute flight to Pokhara. We will spend the remainder of the day in the city to explore and unwind. We will go boating in the fascinating Phewa, Rupa, and Begnas Lakes, visit the religious stupas or explore the hidden caves. You will be able to relax in one of the various dainty eateries along the lakeside and appreciate the nightlife of this lively city.

After a delicious breakfast at our hotel, we will be packing our bags and get ready to head back to the capital city. We will get on board a tourist bus and return to Kathmandu via the Prithvi Highway. The serpentine road will take us through the ups and downs of the hills and we will get to enjoy the wonderful view of the hills and mountains along with charming settlements and raging rivers along the way. We will drop you off at your hotel where you can relax and enjoy the remainder of the day at your leisure.

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Upper Mustang Trek
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