The Annapurna Region is in the middle part of Nepal and is a favorite place for those who love to trek. It’s surrounded by big mountains, including the famous Annapurna mountain. When you walk here, you’ll see different types of nature, from green forests and fields in the low areas to more open and dry places higher up.

The beauty isn’t just in the nature. The people living in Annapurna are friendly and welcoming. Many belong to the Gurung and Magar groups, and they have their own special way of life, music, and dance. As you walk, you’ll find small guesthouses run by locals. They offer a warm place to rest, eat, and learn about mountain life.

There are also holy places in Annapurna, like Muktinath, that are special to many people. Whether you’re doing the long Annapurna loop, going to the base of the mountain, or just watching the sunrise from a hill called Poon Hill, Annapurna has something special for everyone.


Mountain trip in Nepal is you can see the most noteworthy top on the planet. Mount Everest, which is 8848.86 m (29031.69 ft.).This flight is...


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